Hello! I am

Juanjo Salvador

Backend Developer who likes Python, loves Django and is always learning.

My skills include

  • Django and FastAPI
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Docker
  • DB management

Some of my projects

  • AD Jobs

    Web application to submit job offers into Telegram channel, periodically published.

  • Cake CSS

    A minimalistic, responsive and hackable tiny CSS library I made for hackathon projects.

  • COVID-19 Spanish Evolution

    Website showing the evolution of COVID-19 at Spain since the begining of the outbreak.

  • Horchata

    A bunch of micromodules made to make easier Lua game development. Build for gamejams and hackathons.

  • Tanuki

    Anime weekly schedule for Kitsu.io users. Currently discontinued.

Some of my open source contributions

  • Tusky

    An Android client for the microblogging server Mastodon. Contributed as Spanish translator.

  • Blask

    Flask based blogging engine. I made few patches with corrections and new features.

  • Genesis-Code

    Visual Studio Code Genesis Development Extension. Minor code contributions and Windows testing.

Find me at

or read my blog here.